Family and Partner Support:

Straight Spouse Network: has a UK branch, supports straight partners of LGBT people (mainly partners of gay or bi men, does point to some trans-appropriate resources).
COLAGE resources for people with trans parents : US group for people with LGBT parents, has an excellent manual written by children with trans parents.
Beaumont Society Partners group: support network aimed at female partners of trans people.
See links below also most of which have resources for families.

Support for (primarily) trans people:

TransFamily (Cleveland, USA): US support network for trans people but also has several mailing lists for partners and family.

Mermaids: UK organisation for young trans people and their families.
Press For Change : lobbying and legal organisation supporting trans people in the UK.
Transsexual-UK: Yahoo group for trans people, familes and friends.
The Gender Identity Development Service: support service for trans people and has material for use in schools. GIDS support is available in court cases involving custody, and can also support children experiencing distress due to a parent’s transitioning.

Research and training in trans issues:

Gires (Gender Identity Research and Education Society): support organisation for trans people, has materials for schools etc.

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