Welcome to Depend, not only a support group, but your own space where you can be heard.

And who are we to listen to you?

We are the partners, and ex-partners, the parents and the (adult) children, the family members and the friends ... the "significant others" of adult trans people in the UK.

We have come together because we care about each other, we share similar experiences and believe in the possibilities of the future. We have come together because we do not want to be alone.

    If you are struggling we will support you
    If you are celebrating we will join you

    This is a place of learning and sharing.
    This is a place of respect and love.

Our experiences combine to provide a cushion for your tears, a listening ear when you need to offload, a source of information for your learning, respectful acknowledgement of your feelings and a little humour simply for the fun of it because we value the smiles as well as the tears.

The hardest thing in the world is to be alone. You are not alone anymore.

Welcome to our community!

Join our private support lists ...

All the Depend lists are for cisgendered people only.  This is so they have a safe space in which to feel free to post about anything at all without worrying that they may be offending or distressing someone on the list who may be trans.  The Depend lists are normally specifically UK only, but we do allow "wiggleroom" depending upon circumstances.

Trans people themselves are not permitted to join Depend support lists.  This has the effect and purpose of making the support lists a safe space, where people can express their concerns without having to worry about upsetting their loved ones, or feeling embarrassed about their own feelings.

Please click on the links below to request free subscription to our support lists.  You will be contacted by a representative of Depend and asked to answer some basic questions about your circumstances, and will be asked to agree to a set of rules and a code of conduct before being allowed to join any of our support lists. We do not have lists for under-18s or for those with a trans child under 18 but can direct you to appropriate sources of information and support.

Depend-Family - open to the friends and family of adult trans people - except partners

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Depend Partners - the list for the partners of trans people

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